July 29, 2010

Kate True: Summer Show

Tonight we are delighted to host an Artist Reception for the new exhibit in our gallery, Kate True: Summer Show. The show focuses on portraits of young family and friends and a series of sunsets inspired from friend's photos from around the world.


I came to painting from drawing, portraiture and filmmaking, and elements of all three pursuits inhabit my work. I'm interested in maintaining the sensual, graceful, or forceful line of a drawing while also developing a lushy painted surface which creates space and volume. In my figures and portraits I hope to distill an emotional experience into its barest representation, including only the most meaningful details, conveying both a sense of the mood and personality of the character, as well as hinting at the narrative that brought them to their particular situation. I'm interested in the way our bodies, gestures, and expressions can telegraph meaning so eloquently.

In my recent work I have begun to explore the intersection of landscape and figure. I'm interested in the way the environment affects the emotional experience of the subject as well as the viewer. In the paintings without a figure, a human presence is felt nonetheless, as a scene experienced through the distorting lens of memories. As a culture, we seem to have a new urgency to our wish to hold onto mementos of glorious sunsets and beautiful settings, because we sense that the splendor of the natural world is changing and perhaps slipping away. The process of making these paintings has become a meditation for me, on change, loss, and the touchingly human but futile attempt to hold onto a particular moment in time.

Come by the gallery tonight from 6-8pm to meet the artist and enjoy some wine, snacks, and art.


Kate True: Summer Show runs through September 18th, 2010

{Kate True}

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