September 9, 2010

Raphael Griswold

Minuteman by Raphael Griswold
etching (mixed intaglio media) on paper
17.5" x 25" framed, $350

Now showing in our back gallery are various works by the multi-media artist Raphael Griswold.  Mr. Griswold has a degree in printmaking and has spent some time in Spain.  He has had his work shown in a number of galleries across New England and Belgium over the past few years.  Inspiration for the above print came partially from the minuteman statue by North Bridge in Concord, MA.  The work is appropriately titled Minuteman and is displayed in a handmade frame built by the artist.  

Also in the gallery is work from Mr. Griswold's Closed City Cereal Project (CCCP).  These painted cereal boxes have received much attention in our gallery, each is inspired by the closed industrial cities of the former USSR.  The titles are as equally interesting (and humorous) as the curious boxes themselves.  We have four on display: (1) They'rrre Severomorsk!, (2) Snap, Crackle, Ghadzhiyevo, (3) I Gotta Have My Ostrovnoy, and (4) I'm Cuckoo for Gremikha!

Closed Cereal Project (CCCP) by Raphael Griswold
watercolor, acrylic, graphite on cereal box
sizes vary, roughly 3" x 8" x 12", $450 each 

They'rrre Severomorsk! by Raphael Griswold, $450

To find out more about the artist, visit his website:
 and be sure to stop by Albright Art to see his work in person too!

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