September 22, 2011

GOING PLACES Opening Reception

The opening reception for Raphael Griswold's GOING PLACES was a big success! Friends, family and art enthusiasts admired the intelligent, witty works as sounds of Raphael's video and sound clips echoed throughout the gallery space. Guests were given a map of the gallery drawn by the artist that included information about each individual work along with GPS coordinates for each location that the pieces depicted. Visitors followed the map, travelled through Raphael's places and got a glimpse into the world through his eyes.
GOING PLACES will be on view at Albright Art Gallery until November 6th, 2011.

1 comment:

  1. That's my hand on Raphael's book of prints at the top of the page. Cool! It was a great reception and a great space to exhibit. Thanks so much for your love of the arts! - Dave Martsolf


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